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ICSI Treatment in Nashik

 Dr. Bagul Hospital is most trusted fertility center in Nashik ICSI is a technique in which a single sperm is directly injected into an egg to fertilize it and then the fertilized egg (embryo) is transferred to the womb. It is one the most cost-effective and successful treatment for infertile men. This method is especially salutary for men who have low or zero sperm count. In case of zero sperm count or when the male partner is too uptight to ejaculate on the day of egg collection for IVF, the sperm is extracted either from testicles (using TESA) or epididymis (using PESA). Even if men have dysfunctional sperm which can’t fuse with the egg, ICSI comes in handy.

A sharp and delicate needle is used to immobilize & pick up sperm and it is injected into the cytoplasm of the egg, after which the needle is removed. Surgical spermatozoon retrieval in Hegde Fertility may be a method of removing sperms by a surgical technique directly from the sex gland of a patient. Awfully tiny varieties of sperms are taken. They’re later utilized in ICSI and In vitro fertilization (IVF).

The success rate of ICSI is significantly higher than IVF and the couples often opt for ICSI when the conventional IVF technique does not produce desired results for them. The success rate of ICSI is directly proportional to the age, the younger the patient is, the higher are the chances of success. Fertility Center In Nashik has a record of the highly successful rate in both IVF as well as ICSI.

The obtained sperms are then are used for the aim of ICSI treatment in Hegde Fertility, celebrated physiological condition hospitals. They will even be frozen and keep the deposit. Whenever the couple needs to use them, they’re thawed and used for fertilization of the eggs. We have the latest equipment for maintaining the obtained sperms.

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